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Friday, September 30, 2011

Featuring Me

Just in the way of explanation, I passed through puberty before Barbie entered the wonderful world of Mattel. I remember my sister's Barbie and the beautifully crafted handmade clothes my grandmother, Gomie, made for her.  Now that I have a grandchild of my own (code name ONLY), I'm finally getting my chance to play with dolls. 
These lucky inhabitants of my house don't have to settle for fabric scraps and bits of leftover lace.  I SHOP for fabric and embellishments.  Barbie's clothes hang on wooden hangers all the way from Thailand...the postage was more than the hangers.   In other words, nothing is too good for these dolls.
I have enlisted the help of Auntie Susan (in reality my best friend) to handle the knitting.  I can knit, but I'm all thumbs compared to her. So, if you are drooling over anything constructed of yarn, it is all her doing.
In the next week, I'll introduce you to each of my ladies and give you a little background information about them. Then it is back to the fashions, food and life in the 60's.

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