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Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Mice Krispie Treats

mice krispie treats
(2) 4.4 ounce boxes Ovation Dark Chocolate Covered Orange Sticks (available in Texas at HEB)*
Unwrap candy and place in freezer for several hours. Then chop in the food processor. Return to the freezer until needed.
6 tablespoons butter
21 ounces mini marshmallows (2 bags)
Place in an 8 quart bowl! This expands like crazy when you cook it. Microwave for about 90 seconds and stir until smooth. Add Jello and stir.
6 ounces (one box) orange Jell-o
Stir in the rice cereal.
12 cups Rice Krispies
Add chopped chocolate/orange candy.
zest of two oranges, finely grated
Mix well.
Spread in greased cookie sheet (13x18) with sides. Roll the top with a rolling pin to spread evenly. Allow to sit for two hours until firm. Cut in desired shapes. I made the wedges by cutting rectangles in half on the diagonal.
Icing, optional
12 ounces white chocolate morsels
1/3 cup heavy cream
Heat in microwave for 40 seconds. Stir until smooth. Do NOT overheat or your chocolate will burn. Add:
1 drop orange food coloring
1/4 teaspoon orange oil or extract
Spoon over "cheese" wedges and top with plastic mice. (The mice came from Target...8 to a package and they feel really creepy and stretchy. Yes, I did wash them before I put them on the cheese. I made some mice krispies and cut the rest into 1-inch squares. I topped the squares with a corn candy and secured them with a dot of my icing. Allow the icing to set for about two hours. Store in airtight container.
* If you can't find the candy sticks, I have also used Lindt orange chocolate bars.  I used three bars and broke them into sections before I froze them.  Then I chopped in the processor as per the sticks.

Sweet Maryann is filling in for me this Halloween, as I have been held captive in bed with a fever, cough and cold. Hope to be back on my feet soon.  Happy Halloween!!!

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