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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chocolate Covered Oreos

What you need:
1 bag yellow Wilton Candy Melts
2 bags Real Cocoa Wilton Candy Melts
24 Double Stuff Oreos
(2) 12-count Oreo cookie mold (These come in all types of designs and are available on-line. I purchased mine at spinningleaf.)

Melt Wilton Candy melts according to directions on package.  I heated mine for a total of two minutes, stirring after one minute and then every 15 seconds.  Continue to stir until smooth.
Then pour into disposable icing bag with small round tip. As you can see, I closed the tip with a piece of foil and set the bag in a glass to facilitate filling it. BEWARE: this will harden into one big mass in a hurry, so clean the excess candy out of your piping bag while it is still warm.
Allow candy melts to flow into indentions on the molds or you can "paint" the design with a small paintbrush.
This will harden pretty rapidly, but you can speed it along by putting it in the freezer for a few minutes.  When the yellow is firm, then add the melted chocolate candy melts.  (Look for the ones that say "real cocoa" on the bag.)
This is where I went a little astray in this process.  You need to fill these molds with enough chocolate so that it will push up the sides of the mold and onto the top of the Oreo, when you insert it.  Insert the Oreos on top of the chocolate.

Then, you merely top off the Oreo with enough chocolate to completely fill the mold.  The sides of my cookies did not get completely covered because I did not initially fill the molds with enough chocolate.  They still tasted delicious, though.

I put these in the freezer for about ten minutes, until firm.  At first, they were a little difficult to remove from the molds, but as they warmed a little, they popped right out. They will be less prone to sticking if your candy is not overly warm. 
Maryann is singing at her friend's brunch and assembled these delicious Oreos . Of course, they match her dress!

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