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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Black Forest Push-Up Pop Cakes: Quite a Catch

Lucy did much better than I this weekend in the fishing department. Basically I just exercised my arms while casting against the wind. Lucy actually landed one, not to mention how adorable she looked in her overalls and red checked shirt.
I, however, triumphed in the kitchen with my Black Forest Push-Up Cakes. This is more an assembly process than a recipe.
1/3 cup simple syrup  (pg. 205 in Chocolate Crimes)
1 teaspoon cherry brandy
Put into squeeze bottle and set aside.

chocolate pound cake  (pg. 156 in Chocolate Crimes)
Cut cake circles (about 1/2-inch thick) using a round cutter that will fit inside the push up pops.

2 cans premium cherry pie filling
Place in open ended piping bag. Using a piping bag keeps the sides cleaner than using a spoon.

1 cup stabilized whipped cream  (pg. 206 in Chocolate Crimes)
Place in piping bag with star tip.

Insert plungers into a Styrofoam base to hold upright.  (I have an acrylic stand on order from Sugarcraft.)

Start with a circle of cake, add a squeeze of brandy syrup, a layer of cherries (about 4) then whipped cream.  Continue layering until tube is completely full. (The ones in the picture are not full enough...right to the top, as the cap is domed.  Add caps to pops and refrigerate or freeze.  If you don't have these pops, you can make this dessert in individual glass dishes. Here is my leftover version in a plastic storage container.

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