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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Coeur la Crème

I avoided this dessert because the first time I read a recipe for it, it was made with cottage cheese.  Yuck!! The only thing that will keep you from making this is that you need to spend fifteen dollars and buy a coeur la crème pan and some cheesecloth. Go ahead…it is worth the investment. It is easy and delicious.

In the microwave, heat white chocolate for 45 seconds and stir until completely smooth.  Cool slightly and set aside.
4 ounces white chocolate
8 ounces cream cheese, full fat
1 cup confectioners’ sugar
Then add:
1½ cups heavy cream
Beat until it is thick and fluffy.  It should look like thick whipped cream. 
cooled chocolate
1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract.
Line a 7 ounce coeur la crème mold with cheesecloth.  Place mixture in mold and fold cheesecloth over the top.  Place mold on a platter to catch any drainage from the mold.  Chill overnight.  Unmold from cheesecloth and serve on a tray surrounded by your favorite fruit sauce and fresh fruit.
It is never too early to start your strategic planning for Valentine's Day.  This is a delicious make-ahead dessert that will bring raves from your special someone and will leave you a hassle-free day...just take this from your freezer the night before.

It has been freezing here, as well as snowy, so Ginger opted for her flannels and a good book this evening. It is hard to look sexy in flannel, but she manages to pull it off. She'll whip up this decadent dessert in no time and have the rest of the evening to herself...Tyler is out of town.

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