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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Kitchen Gadgets

Does you kitchen look like this? Time for intervention!
Here are some items that will make you life much easier and maybe your kitchen, cleaner.
The Pyrex pie pan with edge grips.  This allows you to retrieve a pie from the over without smashing the sides of the pie crust.
12x18x2 metal Wilton pan. You can bake a batch of my Big Brownies, a huge lasagna, Texas Trash or use this pan for a water bath for custards and bread puddings.  It is gi-normous!
Kitchen-Aid mini chopper.  I use this to chop nuts, fruit and chocolate, puree small amounts of a product and even to chop ham or chicken. 
Mini spatulas.  These have a billion uses from cleaning off beater blades to scraping stuff out of small jars. 

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