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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Condiment Cake

condiment cake                                                        
In my never ending quest for unusual, I was determined to combine some odd ingredients and produce a whopping good cake.
5 ounces dried cherries, chopped
Toss with:
1 tablespoon flour
Set aside.
18.5 ounce Devil’s Food cake mix
4 ounce package instant chocolate pudding
¼ cup mocha powder
Mix together and add:
1 cup Hellman’s mayonnaise
½ cup Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate ice cream syrup
½ cup vegetable oil
Beat until smooth.  Then add:
4 eggs
Beat after each egg addition and fold in:
2 cups chocolate chips
chopped cherries
Bake at 350° in a greased full-sized 9x13 pan for 43 minutes. Let set overnight and serve.  This is good with ice cream and whipped cream, but it really doesn’t need anything to enhance it.  It is moist and delicious.
Gidget's dress reminds me of this great cake...chocolate and cherries in a crazy combination.

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